Farrier Services

Travis Steadman was born and raised in Herriman, Utah. He grew up riding and roping and through this discovered his love for performance horses. Travis attended Kentucky Horse Shoeing School in 1996, where he earned the “High Distinction Award.” He then started his own shoeing business throughout Utah. In 2003, he moved to Kentucky to apprentice under Dr. Ric Redden of the International Equine Podiatry Center. This is where he developed a passion and proficiency at therapeutic horse shoeing. He lived in Kentucky for two years and returned to Utah in 2005 and started Intermountain Equine Podiatry, working primarily on therapeutic cases for performance, Western, and English horses. Travis has continued to further his education on therapeutic shoeing by attending seminars and trainings. He has had the opportunity to work closely with veterinarians and educate horse owners throughout the years.

Travis provides outstanding farrier services and equine hoof care, including corrective horseshoes, hoof trimming, and hoof repair. His area’s of specialty include but are not limited to, foot and hoof pathology, laminitis, navicular disease, pedal osteitis, coffin joint arthritis, bowed tendons, lacerated tendons, sprained and torn ligaments, bursitis, tendonitis, abscesses, hoof wall cracks, thrush, canker or angular limb deformities.

Trimming Services

  • Regular & Therapeutic Horseshoeing
  • Equine Orthotics & Hoof Care
  • Barefoot Trimming
  • Specialist In Foot & Hoof Diseases