The Northwest Lameness & Podiatry team is experienced in providing therapeutic podiatry for horses with both common and rare conditions of the hoof. By using a comprehensive examination and digital radiography (x-rays), we will help you get at the root cause of the hoof issues. In addition, digital radiography is used to monitor and assess hoof parameters, biomechanics, and blood flow. Our team is well-versed in acute and chronic laminitis/founder, thin soles, navicular disease or caudal heel syndrome, soft tissue injuries of the deep digital flexor tendon, white line disease, toe/quarter cracks, pedal osteitis, and other common diseases of the hoof. Our innovative podiatry techniques provide your horse with the help they need to allow healing within the hoof.

Navicular Disease

Navicular disease, or navicular syndrome, is the combination of foot and heel pain, and can often be diagnosed with nerve blocks and x-rays. In some horses, deterioration of the navicular bone causes pain and lameness, in other cases, it is due to hoof capsule issues. Thanks to advances in equine shoeing techniques, navicular disease is no longer an incurable disease. Corrective shoeing with novel techniques will ensure that your horse is restored to a pain free and productive life.


Laminitis, also known as founder, can be diagnosed with early monitoring, and treated successfully with mechanical therapy. Early treatment is key to long-term success and future quality of life. Radiographs and contrast venograms of the hoof provide valuable information about each laminitis case and enable Dr. Blake to determine the best course of treatment. Typically, the recommendations include shoeing the foot to allow for maximal relief of tension on the lamina as well as investigation into the route cause of laminitis to ensure it is treated.